Ocean Blue

RAL 5020


Night Blue

RAL 5022


Pastel Blue

RAL 5024


Patina Green

RAL 6000


Emerald Green

RAL 6001


Leaf Green

RAL 6002


Olive Green

RAL 6003


Blue Green

RAL 6004


Moss Green

RAL 6005


Grey Olive

RAL 6006


Water Blue

RAL 5021


Bottle Green

RAL 6007


Fir Green

RAL 6009


Grass Green

RAL 6010


Reseda Green

RAL 6011


Black Green

RAL 6012


Reed Green

RAL 6013


Yellow Olive

RAL 6014


Turquoise Green

RAL 6016


May Green

RAL 6017


Yellow Green

RAL 6018


Pastel Green

RAL 6019


Chrome Green

RAL 6020


Pale Green

RAL 6021


Traffic Green

RAL 6024


Fern Green

RAL 6025


Opal Green

RAL 6026


Light Green

RAL 6027


Pine Green

RAL 6028


Mint Green

RAL 6029


Mint Turquoise

RAL 6033


Pastel Turquoise

RAL 6034


Squirrel Grey

RAL 7000


Silver Grey

RAL 7001


Moss Grey

RAL 7003


Beige Grey

RAL 7006


Iron Grey

RAL 7011


Slate Grey

RAL 7015


Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016


Black Grey

RAL 7021


Concrete Grey

RAL 7023


Graphite Grey

RAL 7024


Granite Grey

RAL 7026


Stone Grey

RAL 7030


Blue Grey

RAL 7031


Pebble Grey

RAL 7032


Cement Grey

RAL 7033


Yellow Grey

RAL 7034


Light Grey

RAL 7035


Platinum Grey

RAL 7036


Dusty Grey

RAL 7037


Agate Grey

RAL 7038


Window Grey

RAL 7040


Traffic Grey A

RAL 7042


Traffic Grey B

RAL 7043


Silk Grey

RAL 7044


Green Brown

RAL 8000


Ocher Brown

RAL 8001


Signal Brown

RAL 8002


Clay Brown

RAL 8003


Copper Brown

RAL 8004


Fawn Brown

RAL 8007


Nut Brown

RAL 8011


Red Brown

RAL 8012


Sepia Brown

RAL 8014


Chestnut Brown

RAL 8015


Mahogany Brown

RAL 8016


Chocolate Brown

RAL 8017


Grey Brown

RAL 8019


Orange Brown

RAL 8023


Beige Brown

RAL 8024


Pale Brown

RAL 8025


Terra Brown

RAL 8028



RAL 9001


Grey White

RAL 9002


Signal Black

RAL 9004


Jet Black

RAL 9005


White Aluminium

RAL 9006


Pure White

RAL 9010


Graphite Black

RAL 9011


Traffic White

RAL 9016


Traffic Black

RAL 9017


Papyrus White

RAL 9018





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This colour chart serves pure as an indication for the wide range of RAL colours. The colours visualized in the pages above can differ due to the capabilities of your computer monitor, setup of your software and accuracy of your colour printer. For more accurate colour imaging we refer to the websites below. Furthermore we refer to the disclaimer of  the United Composites website.

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